Welcome to the source for photographs taken by US Army Corps of Engineers of Home Places removed to build Oak Ridge during the Manhattan Project in 1942. Picture here is from Scarbrough School. X marks my father Earl Raby. This photo led me on a search that resulted in this site . 
I am working to make additions here.

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A collection of photographs are available through this site. The project began during my family history research when I discovered 5600 images of homes and farms taken to build the Manhattan Project in Tennessee. This land nearly 100 sq miles became Oak Ridge city and three major atomic energy facilities for defense purposes in 1942. 

If your family was a former resident and had property taken by eminent domain there may be photos of your ancestor's home place. These are available on CD from this site. The buttons on the left will provide links to information where you can order these images. This is a hobby and this website and the images are not free. I make them available in the interest of sharing history that otherwise is unavailable in the archives. Your support is appreciated.